Rhino Alerts: Come and Join Us if You Are Ready to Make Money Trading STOCKS and OPTIONS!


Why Join The Rhino Herd?

Rhino Alerts is a community of thick-skinned and robust stock traders that capitalize on stocks moving up in price with strong momentum!

The Rhino (and the bull!) charges with its head down and attacks in a strong upward motion……..to us the RHINO is a better analogy than the classic bull!

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What Do You Get ?

  • Simple clear signals when the Rhino buys/sell his stocks and options. Discord based channel sends notifications to your phone.

  • Trades are both long and short and typically held from 1hr to several days.

  • This is an elite group with plenty of opportunity to ask questions about trades etc.

  • Access to an extensive education library.

About The Rhino (aka John)

20,000 hours invested over 7 years in his trading journey….probably 15,000 of that is screen time….

He is especially talented at shorting stocks and trading after-hours.

John’s father was a Stock Broker (when they were called that) for 44 years, John bought his first stock (Bic pens), at age 13 with bar mitzvah money. So, the stock market is in his DNA.

Check out this interview with him…..

Track Record

John has been trading for nearly a decade and has a great track record. His recent results (in a difficult market):

Short selling: 78% win rate.

Long: 62% win rate.

Here are some testimonials from subscribers…..

Come and join the Rhino herd to learn from a veteran stock trader! The Rhino doesn’t care for any of the B.S services that promise you riches etc.

He has tried them ALL in his long journey to success!